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Universal Intelligence

Universal Intelligence

S.Legg and M. Hutter, Universal Intelligence : A Definition of Machine Intelligence (2007)




1. Introduction


2. Natural Intelligence

  2.1 Humanintelligence tests

  2.2 Animal intelligence tests

  2.3 Desirable properties of an intelligence test

  2.4 Static vs. dynamic tests

  2.5 Theories of human intelligence

  2.6 Ten definitions of human intelligence

  2.7 More definitions of human intelligence


3. A Definition of Machine Intelligence

  3.1 Basic agent-environment framework

  3.2 Formal agent-environment framework

  3.3 A formal definition of machine intelligence

  3.4 Universal intelligence of various agents

  3.5 Properties of universal intelligence


4. Definitions and Tests of Machine Intelligence

  4.1 Informal definitions of machine intelligence

  4.2 Formal definitions and tests of machine intelligence

  4.3 Comparisons of machine intelligence tests and definitions


5. Discussion and Conclusions

  5.1 Constructing a test of universal intelligence

  5.2 Responce to common criticisms

  5.3 Conclusion






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