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しかしながら、PauliNet, FermiNet, AlphaZero, AlphaFoldなどは、レベルが違っているように感じる。その仕組みを理解し、そのアルゴリズムを使ってみたいと思う。さらに、N. Artrithらがナノ粒子表面のDFTシミュレーションを機械学習を使って精密化している研究成果なども、実際に使ってみたいと思っている。


一昨日から、Using AI to accelerate scientific discovery - Demis Hassabis (Crick Insight Lecture Series)、のビデオを聴講している。

AlphaFoldは”32 component algorithms and 60 pages of SI”と説明されている(SI:supplemental information)。約20名が5年間をかけて開発しており、domain knowledgeを用いているので、AGIではないと述べている。



Highly accurate protein structure prediction with AlphaFold

John Jumper et al., Nature, Vol 596, (2021) 583


Fig. 3

Training with labelled and unlabelled data
The AlphaFold architecture is able to train to high accuracy using only supervised learning on PDB data, but we are able to enhance accuracy (Fig. 4a) using an approach similar to noisy student self-distillation35. In this procedure, we use a trained network to predict the structure of around 350,000 diverse sequences from Uniclust3036 and make a new dataset of predicted structures filtered to a high-confidence subset. We then train the same architecture again from scratch using a mixture of PDB data and this new dataset of predicted structures as the training data, in which the various training data augmentations such as cropping and MSA subsampling make it challenging for the network to recapitulate the previously predicted structures. This self-distillation procedure makes effective use of the unlabelled sequence data and considerably improves the accuracy of the resulting network. Additionally, we randomly mask out or mutate individual residues within the MSA and have a Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT)-style37 objective to predict the masked elements of the MSA sequences. This objective encourages the network to learn to
interpret phylogenetic and covariation relationships without hardcoding a particular correlation statistic into the features. The BERT objective is trained jointly with the normal PDB structure loss on the same training examples and is not pre-trained, in contrast to recent independent work.

良質な3次元構造データベースPDB(Protein Data Bank)が存在するということが大前提だということだろう。











A:現在の仕事のレベルアップに必要なAIモデルと、KaggleのGold Medalを獲得できるAIモデルを半年くらいのうちに開発すればよい。




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